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Real Testimonials

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  • Linda Enderlin

    Linda Enderlin

    We received great care for my father. Everyone was caring and considerate of our needs. I would definitely hire them again!

  • Serena Kohgadai

    Serena Kohgadai

    I’ve been a client of SOWI Home Care for 8 months now. Through this time, David, Josephine, and their team of caretakers have provided my father, who has advanced Parkinson’s disease, with the utmost care and support.

    This company prioritizes its clients’ needs by learning about the client, listening to feedback, and bringing on any changes necessary. My family and I are grateful for their service ??.

  • Sue Josh And Shimon Rubin Walner

    Sue Josh And Shimon Rubin Walner

    David and Josephine are the best! They are kind, dependable, patient, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. I’d highly recommend them and SOWI.

  • Kimberly Gee

    Kimberly Gee

    David and his staff were so flexible and professional when it came to caring for my father. At the end of his life, he was a very complex patient with a variety of needs and was almost bedbound at times.

    Sowi home care had the skills and gave excellent care to my father. David and all the staff were incredibly responsive to any of my family’s needs and also understood if the care needed to be delayed since he was hospitalized.

    I was incredibly lucky to have worked with Sowi Home Care.

  • Jennifer  Akin

    Jennifer Akin

    SOWI Home Care is outstanding! My dad was cared for by David throughout his many years with Lewy body dementia. David’s ability to create a loving, peaceful environment for him was priceless. We are thankful for Josephine and David, who shared their expertise and patience with my dad, his family members and fellow residents. They go above and beyond in their care and compassion. One example is when David kept my dad’s routine of attending church both in-person and virtually during the pandemic and when he wasn’t able to make it out of the house. We are forever grateful and wholeheartedly support their passion to help people.

  • Mark  Rubin

    Mark Rubin

    The owners and principal caregivers of SOWI, David and Josephine, are seasoned and special people with many wonderful qualities that set the tone for the excellent, reliable and ethical care their company provides.  They are attentive, caring and thoughtful people who take their work and role in their clients’ lifes seriously, and at the same time bring wisdom, sensitivity and senses of humor when appropriate for the caregiving experience. SOWI is a hidden gem and sure to be a leader in the Bay Area caregiver marketplace.

  • Grace   Nanozi

    Grace Nanozi

    Before I got hired by Sowi Home care, I had worked for several other agencies but the training and  professionalism of the management at SOWI Home care to care givers is super empowering, the pay is great too.

  • Eric  Schroeder

    Eric Schroeder

    SOWI home care services are exceptional! David cared for my dad for over 4 years! He was so thoughtful, caring, and kind to him during my Dad's struggle with Parkinson' Disease. David was very patient and would go out of his way to ensure the quality of life for my Dad was at its best. He brought comfort to our family, knowing that my Dad was well cared for.

    Taking him to the movies, to church, and his favorite restaurant would always put a smile on my Dad's face, building a bonding relationship with him. Overall, I would highly recommend David and team, as they are well trained and professional, always flexible and able to respond to any and all needs.

    My family has been so thankful to have David's care for my Dad over the remaining years of his life.